Thursday, July 07, 2011


This roadrunner was chasing back and forth across the roof of 704 this morning as we were out on our rounds.  I tried to capture a quick video so you could hear the strange sound he makes.  It seems like he clacks his beak together real fast and thus makes a real rapid clicking sound very unlike any other bird I’ve heard.  Turn up your sound and listen carefully.



Of course these pictures also show the dirt that is entrenched upon the south side of 409.  This is the house (Arnold and Pat Holmes) where the fly away roof landed and knocked over the palm tree.

704 Arnold


Arizona Power Company was here this morning to replace the damaged light pole.


I’m guessing that our park personnel were the ones who covered the roof of 906 until proper repairs can be arranged.

906 storm

In the meantime, work around the resort continues as we drove around this morning.  They’re still dredging out the creek.







Our tomatoes are still growing and a fresh supply is available at the front desk almost every day.


I know the doves are a bit of a nuisance, but babies are cute anyway.  This little guy was probably still inside a shell at one point this week.



Here are some beautiful cactus blossoms in front of Wayne and Verna Sheppard’s house at 714.  The flowers are gorgeous IF you can see through all the dirt.


And at least one of the feral cats that roam the park is still alive and healthy as we spotted this one resting on the AC unit at 1024.

1024 Maxwell

Let’s hope life settles down again for a few days without so much excitement.  Pray for RAIN to help wash away some of this dirt!  We are still dry as a desert.


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