Monday, August 09, 2010

We’re Back

I’ve sat here for 10 minutes already trying to come up with the words to thank ALL of you for your words of encouragement and thoughtfulness regarding Don’s surgery.  “Thank You” just doesn’t seem to be enough.  To come home after such a stressful stretch and find our email, voice mail, and postal box filled with your kind words was overwhelming.  Every message regardless of how small was like receiving a warm and heartfelt hug.    With your best wishes for a speedy return and a large jug of potent pain killers, Don is on the way to recovery.  Thank you one and all.  Give me another day or two and I’ll be back into cheerful reporting mode.

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  1. We truly do miss you and with all of this bustle here you both were certainly in our thoughts. I have tried to call but the phone just keeps ringing, so with a park phone I guess I should dial something different???? Hopefully his news is good news and he behaves on his road to recovery, time now to be a good boy right????
    Take carre both of you, we will hook up soon.


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