Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bump in the Road

I see life as traveling through time.  As youth, we frequently stumble as we make mistakes while learning to “drive”.  In our adult years, we tend to speed and have to learn to slow down to enjoy life’s pleasures.  In our senior years, we can put it on auto pilot and make sure we enjoy every day and every mile…..but still we have maintenance problems or get an occasional flat tire along the way.  Well…… hubby Don has hit a nasty pot hole and needs some major repair.  He’s facing some ugly surgery day after tomorrow (Aug 6) and I’ll be staying with him at Banner Hospital in Chandler.  Thus I’ll be away from the keyboard for a couple days.  Not to worry though as he’s a tough old bird and should bounce back quickly with a whole new story line of jokes for his friends at the poker table or in the pool room.  To our housewatch customers……we have you covered.  I’ll only be off duty for three days but my son will be here and has a detailed map of all the houses to drive by on a daily basis. 

I’m attaching one of my favorite recent photos of Don and his cat named Hiway.  Strange name for a cat??  Not really because I bought her for Don many moons ago when he decided to buy a semi and go back on the road for a while.  I didn’t want him to get lonesome so sent along this furry friend to keep him company.  Because she grew up in such close quarters, she seems to think the only way to be happy is to be sitting on Don’s lap or sleeping by his side.  The two have driven hundreds of thousands of miles together and have become quite attached.

Wish us well.  I’ll be back at the keyboard next week sometime.

Don 002


  1. Our best to Don and Sue too, see ya in a couple months.

    jerry & judy

  2. Bryan&Charlene3:15 PM

    Best wishes to you both at this time.
    Take care!

  3. We'll be thinking of you.
    Jim and Jaylene

  4. I am wishing Don many more miles...thoughts are with you guys...Rae Carr


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