Friday, August 20, 2010


BIG NEWS ALERT!  Palm Creek is launching into the electronic age by posting newsletters and information on its website!  The Palm Creek website is being updated and modernized to make it an informative, active, location for getting the latest and greatest news about all of the events, sports, and activities that occur at our resort.  We’ll no longer have to wait until the first of each month to get the current activities schedule as it will be posted live on the internet and will be updated and accessible at all times. 

Every year a group of volunteers gathers to assist with mailing out the upcoming season’s brochure listing all the events for the new season.  The project used to take HOURS to print, fold, address, stamp, and sticker for a very expensive mailing process.  This year, we will receive a postcard informing us of the upcoming events posted on the park website.  We merely log on and can read or print the newsletter from a pdf file.  Included in the electronic newsletter is a page listing all the events and ticket sale information.  We can print it out, fill it in, and fax or mail it back to get our tickets.  Those of you who aren’t comfortable with the electronic version or do not have internet access can write or call the resort and a hard copy can be mailed to your current location.  You should be receiving the post card within the next week or so.  You don’t have to wait for the postcard….you can log on NOW at

At the very  bottom of the page, click on “Monthly Newsletter”.  Then click on “Summer 2010 Newsletter” and a pdf file will open for your perusal.  You can just hit the print button on your screen to print the whole newsletter or choose which pages you want to print.  Fill out the ticket information and mail it or fax it back to the park to get your tickets for the upcoming season events. 

After you print or read the newsletter, hit the BACK button on your computer to return to the regular website.  Click on EVENTS and you’ll see the calendars that are now available.  There is a separate one for EVENTS, another for ACTIVITIES, and one for SPORTS.  These calendars will be kept current and will contain all the info we need.  Awesome!  Click on any of the items on a calendar and a separate info box appears listing the details. 

There’s more!  To see the homes for rent, click on RENTALS.  To see homes for sale, click on RESORT HOMES. 

You can even send an electronic postcard to your friends by clicking on POSTCARDS.

The whole website is still “a work in progress” and will be further updated with new photos and special features so tune in often for new developments.

The first question folks asked ME is….will I continue to post my blog??  Yes indeed I will.  This blog is just ME… is not affiliated, supported, or associated with the park management.  This blog is just me bragging and boasting about the beautiful resort where I reside and chatting with folks like you who share my enthusiasm for the resort lifestyle.

Here is the group of volunteers that assisted with mailing out the postcards yesterday.

newsletter 004

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