Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Houses

It’s 9:15 am and it’s only 90 degrees outside with a nice breeze.  Feels wonderful after the suffocating muggy heat we’ve had this past week.  I’m happy to report that Don is mending nicely and can now accompany me on our housewatch daily chores.  We make a great couple and can only laugh at ourselves as we hobble around groaning and moaning.  I clumbsily pulled my rib cage loose this week so have dipped into Don’s pain medications.  Shhhhh…..don’t tell the doctor.  Thank goodness our son, Anton, is in town for a while to help us with any kind of lifting or heavy duties.  Ahhhh….the golden years.
Village homes are popping up like weeds on the north end of the park.  There are four new ones on the far north street  (three pictured here).  I think some are sold already but I don’t know any confirmed facts.  In this economy, its wonderful to see new construction.  There are numerous add-on rooms and sheds being built around the park as well so that’s good news for the contractors in the area.  Palm Creek must be one of the best customers these days.
housewatch 004 The park held a Casserole dinner Monday night but I didn’t attend for two reasons…….1.  I didn’t want to cook something to take and 2.  Monday night is bingo night at the local American Legion.  Connie Morin and I seldom miss Monday night bingo during the summer.  We both won that night too!  In fact, I bingoed 3 times and came home with over $100.  Yahoo!!!  Even my sore ribs didn’t keep me away.
Because of our “limited activities” and health problems, Don and I have watched more television this summer than we did in the last two years.  Our sons introduced us to NetFlix so we’re able to download tons of great movies through our Wii game system.  It’s awesome.  Perhaps that would be a good topic for our computer club this fall.  I’ll have to work on that.  Don’t forget to mark Wednesday mornings at 9:30 on your activity calendars so you don’t miss our informative meetings in the SanTan room.

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