Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Greetings from sunny Arizona!

Here I am bragging about our beautiful AZ weather again.  Other than a few windy days, our weather has been as perfect as it gets.  The forecast is now into the 90s for the next several days so we may have to take shelter in the afternoons.  I’ll let you know when we hit our first triple digit day for the year.

Combine this beautiful sunshine with all the rain we had this winter and you can understand why the desert flora is spectacular this year.  I’ve emailed photos of beautiful cactus blooms to quite a few of our housewatch customers so they can see what’s happening in their flowerbeds during their absence but below you will see a true masterpiece!

Barb and Leroy Weaver (on Oasis)  have this spectacular cactus blooming in their backyard!!  This one takes the prize for best of show!  Barb counted 21 blooms on this plant.

blog ideas 002

 blog ideas 003

 blog ideas 005

This smaller plant also resides in their garden & boasts some gorgeous color.

blog ideas 006

cinco 002

A big thank you goes to Barb for sharing her cactus blossoms but also for volunteering as our summer librarian this year!  Barb is a dedicated worker bee in the library and keeps it neatly organized for all of us avid readers to enjoy.

Speaking of specialty skills….my neighbor, Joanie Cichon, is a familiar name to anyone who visits the woodworking shop here in the resort.  Joanie teaches classes to those who want to turn bowls or special wood projects.  She has created some fine works of art in the past but her most recent masterpiece takes a prize.  She is now doing some fine detailed work with the scroll saw to embellish her work.

blog ideas 008

blog ideas 010Congratulations Joanie! 

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