Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Tidbits

It appears that the generous rainfall we experienced this winter has brought out not only beautiful displays of flowers, but also annoying crops of weeds.  In the past, I’ve seen our landscape crews out with shovels and picks in hand to chop out the weeds from all the RV parking acreage.  This year that chore would be too overwhelming so someone has come up with a much wiser and more efficient method for weed control.  I like to post topics like this so our winter visitors see some of the behind the scenes activities it takes to keep our resort so beautiful. 

cinco 007


While out on a leisurely bike ride, I stopped back at Leroy and Barb Weaver’s home to check on their cactus blooms.  While chatting with Leroy, we got on the subject of all the talented people we have in the park.  He brought out a mosaic piece of artwork he received from a friend that resides here.  I hadn’t seen anything like this before so was duly impressed with the art form.  This is a replica of Leroy’s car I’m sure you’ve all seen cruising the streets of Palm Creek.  It is all done with individual pieces of glass/mosaic tile.  WOW.



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