Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Day at PC


Still no arrests or further information about the fire other than this small paragraph that appeared in today’s section of the Dispatch police log.  image

There is progress on the clean up process as another rig was hauled out again today.  The first story I posted about the one man single handedly loading up the rig is even more amazing after watching today’s story.  This time there was a big flatbed truck and two wreckers with a crew of at least six men and it took them a lot longer than the one man working alone last time.  By looking at these pictures, I think the insurance company should have hired the first guy again.  I certainly wouldn’t want to follow this load down the freeway!  The load looks a little unsteady as it’s hanging way over the back end of the trailer.  As they say in the old west….”It’s not my problem.”  I wish them luck getting to their destination safely.


So what else is new here??  I suppose you’re tired of hearing about our absolutely beautiful April weather.  April and October are my very favorite months in Casa Grande.  Temps are just about perfect and still the nights cool down to the low 60s.  Perfect!  The swimming pool is a fantastic place to bask away the afternoons now that I am officially retired!  It’s awesome!!!  I “almost” feel guilty when I hear from our Canadian friends that they went home to 8 inches of fresh snow!

Here’s a copy of a little newsletter we received in our mailboxes last week.  Looks like we’re going to have another fun summer with plenty of activities to keep us occupied.  Thank you to the Activities Dept for the extra efforts!

news 008

news 007 Stay tuned for further updates!

old lady with hat Here’s wishing you a GREAT day!

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