Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome Back Party

Thank you, Palm Creek, for another fun Welcome Back Party.  I've been to these events several times already, but this time had special meaning for me as I worked the table for our computer club which means I had to be there early.  I had a senior moment that morning because I went up to the area at 9:00 instead of 11:00 as I was supposed to....but I was glad to be there to see more of the set up arrangements.  I was in awe to see all the work that had already been done before 9am in preparation for the event.  We forget about all the work involved in making an event like this happen.  I took a number of photos for you to ponder.  There's not only the physical work of hauling out all the chairs, tables, food equipment, etc. but there are also hours of behind the scenes prep in making the layout, traffic flow, banners, signs, ordering all the food and supplies needed.  There's kitchen staff to order food, drinks, condiments, etc. plus someone to schedule the famous Budweiser truck, and arrange for music and entertainment.  In other words....WOW....congratulations to all those staff members and volunteers who "make it happen."  I stood there by myself (trying not to get in the way) while I took these photos and realized how proud and lucky I was to be a resident of this resort. 

Pat Mitchel is a familiar face around the resort.  Thanks for all your work, Pat.

Hundreds of tables, chairs, and tablecloths.  The red color really adds cheer.

Every club, sport, organization, event, and resort department has a booth at these welcome parties.  It's a fantastic way to get acquainted with all the opportunities we have to offer.  Everyone behind these tables is eager to talk about their activity and encourage new people to join in the fun.

Here is Sandi Feller from the Special Events Dept. busy at work with list in hand and checking it twice.

Peggy Fetzer (fearless leader of the Computer Club) and active member from Special Events.  That chili pepper guy on the right is Ray Valentine.  He and his wife, Sue, are active volunteers.

 Ray's costume was a fun way to advertise the upcoming chili cookoff.  Check your activity calendar for details.

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