Monday, January 18, 2010

Patio Sale Day!

Here are some early morning photos of my industrious friends and neighbors as we set up for the Palm Creek patio sale on Saturday.  The sale runs from 8:00am to noon and as you avid garage/yard sale folks know, the early bird gets the best worms.  For those unfamiliar with patio sale day, you're missing a lot of fun.  Usually several of us "shoppers" will hop in our golf carts and drive around looking to see what "treasures" we can find.  There's usually some pretty fun stuff where a resident has redecorated or has extra items no longer needed.  The RVers always have "stuff" to sell or trade.  None of us in this life style have the room to accummulate too much so a patio sale is a great opportunity to clean out the storage sheds, closets, and cupboards.  What's left usually goes to a charitable organization and hopefully not back in the closet again.  There didn't seem to be a lot of participation this year, however.  I don't know if it wasn't advertised enough or what, but it was a fun event anyway.  Be sure to watch for the event next season.  Some residents/guests put out their hobby items for homemade hotpads, towels, jewelry, etc. so it's always interesting.    

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