Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Update

It may have been 98 degrees this afternoon but we still had a nice happy hour on Eichers' patio. Terry laughed and said the needle on Dick Stone’s electric meter looks like a buzz saw now that he has run an extension cord to Dick’s meter and is running the RV air conditioning from there. Ha!! Char mentioned that they turned Dick’s thermostat down to a nice cool 70 degrees just to watch the meter go into high gear. (Sorry Dick. They made me promise to type that!)

Ideal swimming weather has descended upon us. Our “bobber club” is starting in full swing now and we head up to the pool each evening around 6:30 to watch the lovely Arizona sunsets behind the palm trees.

I’ve been busy at my job these past few weeks and have been working full-time hours. With graduation, mother’s day, and June weddings on the horizon, we have a busy place with all the customers coming in for invitations, photographic gifts for mom, last minute shipping, etc. The longer I work at Print and Pack, the more I enjoy it there. It’s also fascinating to see the huge rolls of blueprints that come in from the numerous contractors working in the area. We get to copy plans for many of the new stores coming to the Promenade Mall.

Don is glad to have enough people still coming to the clubhouse a couple times a week for their Texas Hold’em poker games. He came home with a first place win the other night which makes him even happier.

I’ll try to get out with the camera this weekend to post some photos and brighten up the blog. Stay tuned. Sure do enjoy hearing from folks who take a minute to jot me an email after reading the latest update.

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