Saturday, May 12, 2007

A May Saturday

It’s a funny thing about our cat Hiway….and I suppose all pets….but they do like to rise at dawn when the sun comes up….whatever time that may be. Here in sunny Arizona in the merry month of May, that means 5:30 a.m. and Hiway says its time to get up and enjoy the beautiful morning. She’s right even though it is one of my precious days off work. We still get up at that hour, grab a cup of fresh coffee and head for the patio. Mornings are just beautiful in May. By noon we head indoors as the temperatures rise. Temps are forecasted to reach 100 for the next few days but it still cools to the 60s at night leaving us with great weather. We love it here!!

There are still enough avid pickleballers that head to the courts in the morning (and/or evenings). Don, Bob Carte, and neighbor Denny played the back nine holes of golf this morning.

I drove around the resort in our golf cart to inspect the homes I’m watching. I give Ruthie in Site 1724 the prize for raising the most doves of anyone. She has cute little planters under each window and each box seems to house a nest. Today I spotted another one under the driveway awning who has taken up residence in a small flower pot.

Jan Water’s hibiscus tree is doing really well and has new blooms on every day when I ride by. Can you see all the buds on this photo? And to George: I’m still watching that HUGE tomato bush and patiently waiting for the fruit to ripen.

I volunteered to watch over the library at the clubhouse for the summer. Little did I know that it would be so heavily used. I go up there a couple times during the week and find piles of new books being donated. There’s some great reading material in there but now I can’t find the time to read! We really have a great library reading room for our residents to enjoy. I'm also amazed at the intricate jigsaw puzzles that people assemble. One table is entirely devoted to the latest puzzle. It seems to be a teamwork type of activity. Whoever wanders in, sits and puts together a few pieces until in a day or so the whole thing is done and another puzzle hits the table.

Tonight we headed out to dinner with Char and Terry. We drove to the little Mexican restaurant in Eloy….can never remember the name of it….but it’s where we celebrated Donna Kraft’s surprise birthday party last year. The place has been redecorated and looks really nice. The food and margaritas were GREAT! We definitely recommend the place and had a very nice evening.

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