Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Hour Conversation

Don and I went to happy hour at Char and Terry’s tonight. Orla joined us there as well. I just have to laugh sometimes at the plethora of odd subjects we can come up with to discuss at these “sessions”. Here are some of the topics we discussed tonight:

A Wal-Mart bag came floating overhead, hit an updraft of air, and soared above us at an ever increasing altitude until it was gone. Then Char and Orla had to discuss….was the bag really “gone” or merely out of sight.

While this controversy was happening, Don and Terry were discussing the effects of Flomax and the wonders of modern medicine for male enhancement. I shall spare you the details since this site is rated PG…….ha! for mature audiences.

Since we were all donned with either sandals or were barefoot, we then discussed toes. Don’s toes are long, straight, and “pretty” while mine are curled under and ugly. Char, on the other hand, has short stubby toes. Terry says it looks like she ran into a wall toes first.

Orla and Char argued for about 15 minutes about the difference between an aspen tree and a poplar tree. It ended with Char promising to do an internet study on the subject.

We discussed Molly’s new haircut…..or summer shave. Molly is Char’s puppy dog who just got a very short summer haircut. Char vows never to clip her that short again as she misses Molly’s cute furry ears and long fluffy tail. I personally think Molly is happy to be free of a warm fur coat in this Arizona heat. Granted she may look cuter with a little more fur….but….ya de ya de ya de.

I told the group about the birthday cake we had at work today for one of the ladies there. After revealing ages, we discovered that I was by far the oldest employee. In fact, the next oldest woman is the same age as my son! After that brought a nice friendly laugh, one of the girls piped up and said she was young enough to be my grand daughter. Ha Ha. Darned kids anyway.

While refreshing drinks, Terry placed a large block of ice in the middle of the patio table between us. We watched to see how fast it would melt in the near 100 degree temp we were pleasantly enduring. Then the fun began while we took turns splashing in the melting water with our bare feet.

I relayed to the group my success story about making baked potatoes in my new microwave potato bag. That brought us to a food topic so we had to decide where to have dinner tomorrow night. The evening ended with a promise to have fish fry at Francisco Grande tomorrow and sample their delicious bloody mary drinks.

There were many more topics that were hashed about but have now eluded my memory due to their total lack of importance. Just thought I’d share a bit of our evening.

I later went for a bike ride and came across Char, Jack, Penny, and Joe out on the tennis court in a heated tournament. It was more fun than watching television!

NEWS FLASH: Election day brings Bob Jackson as the new Mayor of Casa Grande in a very heated race between the top two contenders.

A big article in tonight’s paper is about a huge airport project. A 13-acre property will be home to an airpark that will house 26 business condos, with light industrial zoning, eight airplane hangars, a restaurant, and a grassy park with ramadas and picnic tables. Construction is still in a huge flurry around here.

Other headlines state that the Salvation Army store will move into the now deserted Osco Drug store as they believe that location will increase their business. They plan to hire 15 more employees to staff the store.

That’s it for today’s blurb, blog, or whatever.

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