Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I saved a special pet story to help celebrate Mother’s Day. Our pets are like our children. We love them, nurture them, take great pride in them, put up with them at difficult times, tolerate them at their worst, but most of all flourish in the ever loyal unquestioning love they return. A standard joke here in the pet section of the park is that we’d someday like to come back to life as a pet at Palm Creek. Talk about a pampered life!

The newest addition to the park is Barney….whose proud parents are Frank and Joan Cichon in Site 1705. Barney was recently adopted from the local Humane Society and has found a wonderful home with Frank and Joanie. Barney is a bundle of energy and is as cute as a button with his fresh haircut and curly tail. He likes to take himself for a walk by carrying his own leash and bringing a big smile to everyone he meets. Of course, we all spoil him with treats so going for a walk means numerous stops at neighbors along the way.

Be sure to welcome Barney to the neighborhood the next time you see him…and congratulate Frank and Joan on a great find!

Don and I went to the Ak-Chin casino today. Don headed to the poker room and I went to bingo. We were lucky to come home with the pretty white carnation I received free as a mother’s day gift. I got two great phone calls from our sons which were the real highlights of the day. Kevin is on his way to New York with his first truckload for Sitton Trucking out of Joplin, Missouri. He is “on the road again” and seems very happy with his big truck. Will post pictures as soon as I can download them as he sent them via cell phone and I have no idea how to do that yet. Hope you all had a great Mom’s Day!!


  1. You keep things so up to date that it's scarey!!!!

    How much did ya win?

    I can now bead in the shed. Terry put an air conditioner in for me. What a great Mother's Day gift. We had dinner at the OUtback up in Phoenix with my son. Terrific Mother's Day..

  2. Beverly C.3:15 PM


    Tell Frank & Joanie that Barney is so cute. We are tickled that they found a new doggie. As always, I just love your blog site. Thanks for spending your time on it to update and entertain the rest of us. Love, Bev


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