Friday, April 20, 2007

The Season Winds Down

Sooooo…..the season is truly winding down. The major activities are done, most of the RV folks are headed home or on the road again, and we “year rounders” are enjoying the peace and quiet that descends upon the streets of our beautiful resort. The weather has been gorgeous…80s by day, 50s by night. Neither air conditioners nor heaters needed; just the rustling sound of the breezes through the palm trees and the singing birds (and, of course, the gentle sound of the plentiful cooing doves). I expect our rabbit population may dwindle a bit as a couple of coyotes have been spotted near the golf course toward dusk and early morning. Certainly can’t blame them for sneaking in here where furry critters, fresh water, and cool green grasses abound.

I took a leisurely bike ride down Cole Circle tonight and stopped to admire the pretty flowers along the way. The geraniums, pansies, oleanders, and other flowering bushes are coming into their prime. Too bad so many people have to leave before the flowering peak season. Speaking of FLOWERS!! are some photos of the awesome cactus blossoms that appear at Site ____. We’ve counted as many as 12-15 in the past, but last week there were 60 huge white flowers all in bloom at the same time! What an extraordinary sight to behold. Wow. They’re beautiful flowers and only last for one day so these pictures were taken at exactly prime time.

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