Sunday, April 22, 2007

Don and I took a ride this afternoon with camera in hand to take pictures of some of the construction progress around town.

The most exciting site is, of course, the new mall just on the east side of Hiway 10. Most of you passed it on your way out of town. The recent progress is remarkable as you can see from these photos. Walls are springing up all over the place and even on this Sunday afternoon, trucks and workers were active like bees. There are only a few signs posted identifying the various buildings. The ones listed are Harkin’s Theaters, Staples, and Pet Smart.

Approaching the new "Prominade Mall" from the overpass.
Here's the view from on top the overpass looking north up Hiway 10.
This view is heading east just past the overpass.
This is one of the buildings closest to the road.

The next most important site will be watching the construction of the new high school just across the street from Palm Creek. I took these pictures from the corner of Cottonwood and Arizola. You can see Palm Creek in the background so you know how close this new building will be.

Medical buildings are bouncing up all over near the park. Here are some new medical facilities going up right alongside the hotel across the street. There are quite a few more going up on McMurray. Casa Grande will be a convenient stay for anyone needing medical assistance.

The building to the left is the hotel. The new medical buildings are alongside and behind the hotel. This photo is taken from McMurray.

Our owls are still residing in the lot outside the main gate but their surroundings are sure being cut down. I keep a close eye on them as much as possible and have the phone number of the endangered species organization handy should I see any dangerous activity near their home. These cute little feathered guys are protected by law. Whoever buys that property will face a big expense in moving the owls to a new location.

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