Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Day

Oh, how I love living in Arizona!! It was a lovely spring day with a high of about 90. That may seem hot to some, but when it's a "dry heat", it is absolutely wonderful. We went out to Francisco Grande tonight for dinner with some great friends (Bob and Bev Carte). I keep hearing about that lovely place, but this is the first time we went out to dinner there. It was great!! They've really done a lot of remodeling but the best part was the wonderful food and great service. I highly recommend it. Don loves golfing there and confirms that they also have a friendly staff in the cocktail lounge. Now how would he know that?? I'll get some pictures the next time we head out that way as I didn't think of taking the camera. I must get back into my "blog" mode as updates seem to be in great demand.

As many of you know, Don's sister (Pat) and her daughter (Tracy) successfully write mystery books under the pen name of PJ Tracy. They've been on the best seller list with each of four novels!! Their bio has appeared in People Magazine and tomorrow they will be on the Today Show. Can't wait to watch them. Our TVO is set to record. Check out their website sometime at and read their entertaining newsletters. They also appear in an article in the May issue of Ladies Home Journal in an article about mother/daughter businesses. We are sooooooo proud of them!!

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