Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Haboob of the Summer

We experienced our first haboob of the summer today...which is rather early. Haboob is the local term for this HUGE yellow cloud of dust that comes flying in...usually from the east or south which is quite unusual since most winds come from the west. The day started out as quite warm at around 97. Then this afternoon the dark clouds started rolling across the sky. Don and I were sitting on the patio when the wind suddenly picked up into a fierce gust and the HUGE yellow cloud of dust and dirt blew in. It's really quite a sight to see. Then we even had a little rain but unfortunately not much. Within the hour, the temperature dropped down to low 80s and the sun was back out for a beautiful evening. Very unusual weather.
I made the rounds of the houses I'm watching and didn't see any damage to report other than a broken clay pot at Marilyn and Bill's house. It evidentally blew over in the wind. We heard that Mission Royale had a few downed trees and they were without electricity for two hours. Must have been worse over their way. We've never been without power in the three years we've been here. Better knock on wood, huh!

I ended the day with a nice swim up at the main pool. It wasn't too crowded....five people. I love it!!

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