Wednesday, February 01, 2017

So much stuff

I'm about to cry "uncle" as its too hard to keep up with all the events here this season.  Saturday we had tennis tournaments, softball tournaments, and the big Welcome Back party with thousands of residents in attendance.  

I guess I'll just post hit and miss.  You can refer to the Palm Creek Facebook page for more pictures.

I do want to take time to acknowledge the spaghetti dinner last night to honor our wonderful Fire Fighters though.  They are such a HUGE part of our community and we certainly thank them for their service.  So glad to see that it is always a sell out crowd to honor these folks.

Our local department has been able to purchase uniforms for their honor guard.

There was a 50-50 raffle, t-shirt sales, and a putting contest to win a $200 bottle of champagne.  The winner made 8 out of 10 successful putts.  Buzz came close with 7.

I have a couple photos from the softball game last week too.  So much fun to watch the game and enjoy one of those giant burgers from the snack shack.

I've lived in Arizona for the past 12 years and I still enjoy studying the landscaping.  Do you take time to enjoy your surroundings here?  How many times have you walked past these trees but didn't take time to "smell the roses" and really take a look at nature's wonder.