Saturday, February 04, 2017

Cancer Awareness Weekend

T'is the weekend of our huge Cancer Awareness extravaganza.  There were golf tournaments, horseshoe tournaments, tennis and probably more that I didn't get to see.  The highlight, of course, was tonight with the parade and events at Palm Park.  

THANK YOU to John Ross and his comrades for donating their time for the balloon glow!  It's fascinating to be up close and personal when these giant balloons fill with air and come to life. 

This giant wizard stole the show.

This is John Ross's balloon where he gave customers a quick tethered ride up above the trees.  I'll bet it was a lovely sight to see all the luminaries from above.

 It's a lot of work to heat up the balloons and then get them all packed up again at the end of the night.  Thank you to everyone for making this a part of our events.

After all the excitement, I enjoyed a lovely walk home down the streets with the luminaries all aglow.

I didn't get a picture of the food tents but want to give credit to the group that baked over 2500 cookies for us.