Monday, March 02, 2015

Multiple Shows

Saturday provided quite an exhibit of the hidden talents in our park residents.  It took a long time to walk through the exhibits at each of the shows.  The quilt show always amazes me because I can only imagine the endless hours of work behind these masterpiece quilts.  They're beautiful!  The quilters donate so much of their time to helping others through their handiwork.

And we must always give credit to the "behind the scenes" characters who help keep us happy.
The woodshop show is beyond description.  What a fantastic hobby!  Beautiful works of art.

This kind of work ranks among my favorites.  I viualize them all on MY walls. 
Joe Beebe was among the talented woodworkers so it was heartwarming to see this sign.
Over in the ballroom, our crafters were on display.  Pottery, jewelry, sewing items, art work, photography, etc. etc.
Thank you to all those who displayed their works this past Saturday AND to those elves who set up the shows.  There was much work involved to get it all set up.
Outside....we find friends and their new toys.  Have you seen this new "motorcycle" yet??  WOW!
Our friends in the Drama Club have been busy as well.  Hope you didn't miss their rendition of the Great Nursing Home Escape. 

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