Friday, March 06, 2015

Donation to Foster Children

Congratulations to the Palm Creek residents who ere involved with the huge contribution to the Pinal County Foster Children's program. 

I asked one of the members of the sewing guild for some information about their generous donation.

"The baby blankets are made by the PC quilters/sewers but the foster children quilts are mostly made through the Community Quilts program which is part of the PC quilters/sewers. We meet every Friday morning in the sewing room to work on our quilt projects.  We use donated fabrics and supplies and also purchase some from funds raised through our quilt shows and also some of us purchase fabrics ourselves to make quilts for the program.  We also work on them at home and during the summer and a few quilts are donated from people who aren't involved in the Community quilters/PC quilt/sewing club but live in the park.  We donated 63 quilts this year and 88 pillowcases.  The pillowcases were sewn by both the PC quilters/sewers and Community quilters.  Louise Fountain started up the Community Quilters program about 5 years ago and we donated quilts to various organizations in Casa Grande but 2 years ago decided to devote our quilts strictly to the Foster Children Program here in Pinal County."

If you peek inside the sewing room on any given day during season, you'll see the room buzzing with activity.  They have a wonderful facility here.

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