Saturday, March 07, 2015

Congrats to the Tennis Club!

A hearty thank you and congratulations to the Tennis Club for hosting a lovely evening of entertainment at the tennis pavilion tonight.  We were treated to some great music by a local jazz group from the Arizona Community College.  I'm guessing that our local resident, Larry Marik, had some influence on getting the musicians to attend. 

It wasn't just the tennis folks who enjoyed the evening but many of our residents who were out walking on such a beautiful evening also stopped by and enjoyed the music.

It looked like busy elves were at work decorating the place, setting up for the event, providing a wine tasting table, and the jazz band music.  Congrats on a great evening.  Your club has certainly grown in the past year or two.  You are putting those new courts to great use.

Stop by the courts at any time and watch the play.  It's a great spectator sport as well as fun to play.

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