Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday night Tournament of Champions

We don't need Vegas or Reno to find a good poker tournament as we have plenty of excitement right here at Palm Creek. The Texas Hold'em Wednesday Tournament of Champions was held last night and here are your winners!

Here is Elaine Moore passing the first place trophy over to the new reigning champ....Dave Hardy.  Congratulations Dave!!!

Runner up champion is Karen Rust.  Way to go Karen!!  
(You've also seen Karen's photo at the dog agility classes she teaches here.)

The winner of this tournament wears a target for next season.  If you are able to put him out in next year's tournament, you win an extra bonus award!

To qualify for this tournament, you must have come in first place in one of the normal Wednesday night games during the season.  The poker games have certainly become popular here as every available chair and table was used at last night's event.  As they said in the Jaws movie...."I think we need a bigger room."

Dennis Merasty also received a friendly award as the person who went out on the bubble most times during the season.  Going out on the bubble is sorta sad but Dennis will have fun telling the story anyway.

P.S.  A special thank you to all the people who volunteer as dealers and directors of the games!  
You do an awesome job.
*Photos by Tom Moore

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