Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another Winter Storm

Another winter storm descends upon Arizona and the southwestern states.  It was too windy, cold, and wet to spend time outdoors.  Luckily, we had beautiful weather earlier this week for the big pickleball tournaments.

We even had a stream of little hail stones racing down the street.

It might have been cold and windy outside, but we were very comfortable and busy indoors at a Windows 8 seminar.  It is quite a surprise to open a new computer and see the greatly different start screens with Windows 8.  Interested in holding another class before you depart for the season??  Send us an email.  

We had Mike Salter as our guest speaker for the subject.  Thank you, Mike.

The Palm Creek Chorus held their performances on Wednesday and Thursday this past week.  They have worked very very hard and their practice has paid off.  Congratulations on a great job!

Big Bad John was there.   (Jack Rathert)

Larry Voorhees sang an Elvis favorite....."In the Getto".  Very nicely done!

We could tell that the group was having a good time!

They sang with lively enthusiasm!  :)

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