Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Fun Stuff

Another Texas Hold'em poker tournament occurred this week....this time it was the "Battle of the Sexes".  There were 81 participants squeezed into the Adobe Room around the poker tables.  What a challenge to weave through the tables to get to your assigned seat!  I think we need a bigger poker room!

Here are the four top women finalists:  Sally Schaeffer, Nancy Flader, Avis Gray, and Karen

It was certainly a friendly game when Harry leaned over to give Lee a big kiss for letting him win a hand and adding to his chip collection.  :)

Four men finalists:  Lindsay, Don, Lee, and Harry 
Pardon the blurry photos but since I wasn't there with my camera, someone forwarded these from a cell phone.  At least they tried!  :) 
The final trophy winners:  Avis Gray and Don Nunley

Today Mother Nature and the weatherman truly smiled upon us.  It was wonderful!  Perfect weather for sailing remote control boats on our big pond.  It was fun and relaxing to watch.

Here are the ship captains at work.  (Did I say "work"??)

While I was there, I snapped a quick photo of the beautiful flowers!  Thanks again for our deadheader volunteers who work so hard to keep the flower beds fresh.  

The next stop was at Site 662 and 661 to see the beautiful hanging baskets on display.  I accused Dave Barber of feeding the plants a mysterious foreign formula to produce such beautiful plants and blossoms.

Later I followed Fernando over to the golf course to peek at a hidden nest.  Check out mama duck as she guards her 11 eggs.  She did a much better job of hiding her nest this year as last season she laid them right out in the open on the golf course.

Keep your cameras charged and ready for hatch day.  If someone sees the babies before I do, please send some photos my way.

The weather was too nice to stay indoors so we spent the early evening cruising around to find a friendly happy hour.  Yup.  We found one.  Say Howdy to some of the folks we found over on Palo Verde Drive.

These neighbors have a great idea for advertising a happy hour.  Everyone on the street gets an orange cone like this.  When your yard is open and available for company, you put out a cone on the curb and everyone brings a lawn chair with drink in hand.  The orange cone is a warm invitation.  

To summarize, it was a beautiful day!  Lots of fun, adventure, and friends!

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