Saturday, April 02, 2011

What a difference a week makes!!

This past week as Don and I sit on the patio for morning coffee, we keep commenting on the steady stream of RVs pulling out to head back to their other nesting site or off to further adventurous travels. The view from our patio changes daily as rigs pull away and the distant mountains start to reappear on the horizon. It's the beginning of the "other season" for us full time Palm Creek residents. We don't really notice spring, fall, summer, or winter as they tend to blend together here in the desert but rather we experience "season" and "off season". The plethora of scheduled activities begins to wind down and we begin more of a "normal" life style. Traffic in the park {and on Florence Boulevard} thins dramatically. This has been a wonderful fun-filled winter! Now I will find time at this keyboard to keep you in touch with all the summer events that occur while you are away.

To all of you who were involved in the Gardening Club, I promise to keep you informed about our bountiful harvest as our veggies and herbs grow and ripen. Can't wait for all those tomatoes!!!!! I long for a real fresh delicious garden tomato! Yum! If you didn't get a chance to see the garden beds while you were here, I'll post some photos. Jim Dawson is a magician and a wealth of information when it comes to planting, growing, pruning, landscaping.....or anything to do with the "green thumb" business. He has done a fantastic job with the gardens and it has been fun to see the fruits of his labor. I was only able to join the club these last few months so wasn't around for a lot of the initial planting, but I try to do my share of thinning, cultivating, or any odd chores Jim has planned for the group each week. In turn, we go home with a nice bag of whatever product is ready for harvest. These last couple weeks have given us fresh garden salads second to none. We can have a combo salad of green and red leaf lettuce, butter crunch, spinach, and romaine as each crop is ready to pick. Jim has taught us how to pick the leaves from the outside edges of each plant so we keep the plant growing and producing more as the season continues.


Jim Dawson teaching the art of gardening

Green Peas And Herb Garden

I’ll be experimenting with a few different blog options for a while until I figure out which way of publishing I like best.  You readers will have to be the judge and let me know if you like or dislike any of the changes I make along the way.  More photos and articles will follow soon.  Vacation is over! 


Have SAFE travels!!!  Smile

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