Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Rainy Day

To all the folks who had to leave Arizona and return to your colder climates, I have consoling news for you in that today we’re experiencing rain and cold temperatures…..and I mean COLD for us.  Current temp (9:06 a.m.) is only 46 degrees.  Brrrrrrr.  That’s unheard of for us!  I seldom if ever complain about rain because it is a welcome relief to our desert, but 46 is just too cold to sit on the patio for morning coffee.  At least I can sit here at the keyboard with a nice fresh cup of hot java and be grateful I don’t have to go outside to walk a dog in this weather.  I can tell that many of you are back home and checking in to this blog for news and updates because the counter is increasing rapidly.  We had over 200 hits in the last five days.  That means I’d better work harder.


When the sun reappears, I’ll be out to take some photos of the new village homes being installed.  I think the contractors were waiting for the park to clear out before they started a lot of construction because everything seems to be in high gear now.  There are Dish, APS, plumbing, and contractor trucks lined up on some of the streets.  I saw a big APS (Arizona Public Service – or hydro company for you Canadians) working near the pond by #10 hole yesterday so had to stop to check it out.  I like to watch the “behind the scenes” work that is done to maintain our pretty resort.  There was an old electrical box located there that needed to be replaced because it was ugly and rusted.  The new one will look much better but it is obviously not an small task to do that as you can tell from the photo.



I saw two interesting tidbits of news in the local paper today.  Many of you golf at the Dave White golf course so may be interested.



PLUS…it looks like we have a new coffee shop in town.


Don and I have had a great season and have met so many new people in conjunction with our computer hobbies.  As many of you know, Don has spent HOURS solving computer problems for folks.  I had to smile when I saw him at work last week.  I think everyone wanted to get their laptops rejuvenated before heading home.  Don was actually working on four machines at the same time.  While one machine would be scanning for viruses, he would be working on another or transferring files from an old machine to a new one.  This is multi-tasking at its best.  Word-of-Mouth advertising works great in Palm Creek. A friend tells a friend, etc. and before you know it, business is booming.


I need a favor from you readers:  I’ve started using Windows Live Writer to post these blog entries.  The print is larger and so are the photos.  The question:  “Does the blog load okay for you or do the larger pictures make it slow to come up?”  Feedback please.  Email me at:


Thanks!  …..and have a great day!    frog_reiny_weather_ani

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