Sunday, March 28, 2010

Urban Miners – Our Recycling Team

I’m a firm believer in recycling instead of contributing to the landfill so have often wondered what really became of all those aluminum cans we so loyally place in the appropriate cans at the trash collection site here in the park.  I remember reading short paragraphs in the Happenings newsletter about the funds that were collected or donated but still wondered “who, how, when”.  I found the answers and definitely want to give these folks some long overdue credit for their hard work.  These five dedicated volunteers are the ones responsible for our highly successful recycling program.

Kent Evans

Jack Rathert

Steve Merriman

Ivan Armstrong

Blake Green

recycle 004 Unfortunately, Blake Green has already left for his summer home but I was able to catch these four guys busy at work Saturday morning.  It sounds like they gather behind the maintenance building every morning around 7:00 to crush the cans that accumulate on a daily basis.  I watched for a while as they went about the chore of crushing the cans and was amazed at their efficiency.  I must get better at my camera work but hopefully you’ll see a short video of the crew in action by clicking on the photo below.

After all the crushing and sorting is done, the team loads up the huge containers of aluminum, loads them into a trailer and transports it all up to the recycling plant in Phoenix. 

Recycling accomplishments for the 2009-2010 season:

Pounds of cans collected 3,764
Approx # of cans 120,448
Pounds of scrap metal 5,140
Donated to Food Bank $2,660
Donated to Christmas Tree $250
Donated to Cancer Week $200
New hoses for car wash station $136

In addition to dollars generated, let’s remember the dollars SAVED by our park because they don’t have to pay to have this extra trash hauled off to the landfill.

These gents are not only crushing cans, but have also contributed to the paper and cardboard recycling program.  They have piles of other scrap metal that they’re also collecting for recycling.

I asked if they had special requests or advice for our residents:

Regarding cardboard:  The big bin for cardboard should be for corrugated board only.  Your soda and beer cartons, food cartons, etc are really just paper and belong in the paper recycling containers.  The cardboard container is strictly for corrugated board that has flutes. (see photo)

DCF 1.0 If you see any of these gents around the resort, be sure to give them a hardy “congrats” for a job well done!  You can easily recognize them if you see one of their hats. 

recycle 003xx recycle 003x recycle 004xx recycle 004x

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    Well I'll be there IS a red hat society for men! Don't they look nice all in a group like that?

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