Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keeping Occupied

Someone asked me yesterday why I haven’t updated this blog recently. Well…here’s why.

I’VE RETIRED FROM MY JOB at Print & Pack after three years. I felt I was missing too much fun here in the resort so at first I dropped back to part time. Hmmm…I still wanted more time for play and recreation so finally threw in the towel and quit altogether. Now I should have more free time to write, yes?? Wrong. Too much fun.

I’ve really enjoyed the Photo Club which meets on Monday mornings. We have a theme each week for us camera geeks so we wander around looking for the perfect photo to submit. The theme last week was “fast”. So we all went out to find something “fast” to capture. While walking by the doggie park one day, I stopped to enjoy the scene as the dogs were fetching and retrieving tennis balls. Great opportunity for a “fast” photo shoot! Here’s my submission. I thought it was a great action shot.

After the club reviews all the photos each week, we vote on our favorites and Laurel prints them out and posts them in the Activities Center. Be sure to check them out as they change each week. The group also teaches classes in Picasa and Photoshop Elements so there’s lots to learn.

Computer Club meets on Wednesday mornings. Awesome group! We have such a wide range of skill levels…from those just buying their first computer to those with advanced technical skills. We’ve given classes on different subjects and had guest speakers from Best Buy to help us keep up with the latest technology. You can check out all the details on the club blog as I’ve posted a link on the list at the right.

There are plenty of community events to keep us busy too.  My hubby, Don, and some neighbors and friends enjoy playing trivia at one of the local pubs downtown. If they want good food with the game, they go to McMashers but if they want to join some local Casa Grande friends, they go to Dell’s Pizza. I go along for the food occasionally but find I can’t contribute much to the game. I’m attaching one of the easier questions.

A large group caravanned to the Arizona Opry for dinner and a show. Fun entertainment and great camaraderie. 

Louise loved the crazy hat that was for sale in the gift shop and she turned out to be even more entertaining than the Opry stars!
Of course, there are the nights when the gals get together to play cards and the afternoons where we get creative with our beads making jewelry.  Combine all that with warm sunshine, a comfortable lawn chair, and a good book and you have another source of my favorite entertainment.  It's pretty hard to get bored around here.  I love it!!!

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