Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A visit from Kevin

We had a wonderful surprise this past week when son, Kevin, came to visit us for a couple days. He is an over-the-road truck driver and was lucky to catch a delivery in Phoenix. Sure hope his company finds more loads in this area so we can see him more often. Kevin hadn’t seen our Wii games yet so we played for hours while he was here. He and Don played so long that Don finally quit because his arm and wrist were too sore.

We went to a couple movies at the Harkins Theatre and, of course, had to take Kevin to the Ah-So Steak & Sushi restaurant. We had a great time there. I dragged Kevin through a couple of the new mall stores, but his favorite was Best Buy where he could stock up on some new computer stuff. It’s great now that Casa Grande has much more to offer for entertainment and shopping.

Monsoon season is upon us so we get some cloudy sky once in a while plus a few drops of rain but no storms to report thus far. The temperatures have been HOT. I believe we’ve had 18 days of over 110 in the past month. It will be interesting to see what our electric bill hits. Ouch.

I think the baby owls have flown off to new nesting grounds as I’ve only seen Mom and Dad near the entrance hole for the past week or so. Time marches on.

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