Saturday, June 28, 2008


It’s official. Monsoon season is upon us. We had two days in a row of cloudy sky and a few brief minutes of rain. The first day brought some wind and cooler temps which were definitely appreciated. That night dropped down to low 70s so there were lots of us outside soaking in the cool air and breezes. It was a welcome relief after a long 11 day spell of over 110. Maybe it’s just psychological, but 101-105 seems bearable…but when the needle gets over 110…’s HOT. The brief storms weren’t anything to worry about. Don and I sat out on the patio to watch the lightning and enjoy Mother Nature’s theatrical act in the sky while we sipped on a couple of icy cold Amber Bocks.

Print and Pack Express
My boss, Vicki Stonebraker who owns Print and Pack Express where I work, is on “vacation” this week with her husband, Jack, and a handful of friends. I use the term vacation rather loosely as it certainly won’t be a restful time off. They’re flying to Tanzania Africa to hike up Mount Kilamanjaro. They’ve been working out every day for the last couple months to get themselves in shape for the expedition. More power to them I say. It’s certainly not my cup of tea but they’re really off to an exciting adventure. If you’d like to see some spectacular scenery, I’ll direct you to a website full of photographs after they return. At any rate, while they’re gone, I’m working full time to cover the store while they’re away. Whew! That makes for some long days….but I’ll have extra funds to spend at the casino when it’s all over!

Casa Grande Construction
This morning’s Dispatch announced that Olive Garden starts hiring July 1 and is scheduled to open August 4. Yahoo! The new manager is a woman who has been managing an Olive Garden in Tucson. Can’t wait for those delicious salads and breadsticks! Yum.

Our state legislature and the governor have okayed the construction of a huge amusement park to be built in Eloy. It should be completed by 2010 and will be themed as a Rock and Roll park….similar to a Six Flags type of thing. Maybe that’s why Casa Grande is building so many hotels. The Luxury Suites (extended stay) is opening 480 rooms plus a LaQuinta Inn wants to build over behind the Dairy Queen by Hiway 10. There is a huge Walgreen’s store under construction in front of Mission Royale across from the Promenade and they’re putting in the underground works for another 3-4 retail pads while they’re at it.

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