Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ah-So Steak and Sushi Bar

I extend a hearty welcome to the Ah-So Steak and Sushi Bar at the Promenade Mall. The place is awesome!!! We went there Saturday night with Bob and Bev Carte and had a wonderful time. You enter through the front door into a sports bar area and then have a choice to eat from the kitchen menu or the teppan menu.

Choose TEPPAN!! That’s where the chef cooks your meal over a huge grill at the center of your table. He puts on a very entertaining show during the process too. He can flip knives and spatulas like a juggler and entertains with the food and fire as he cooks. When he first oils the grill, he ignites the oil and flames shoot all the way to the ceiling. Awesome!

He fries the rice and vegetables and then cuts up the steak, chicken, shrimp, or lobster…whatever you order. Bev and I had steak and lobster and loved every morsel. The hot grill, spices, soy sauce, etc. really add a great flavor.

The sports bar by itself seems to be popular as we visited there again tonight after attending the Indiana Jones movie. It is a great location for dinner and a movie…..or in our case….movie and dinner. The place is a wonderful addition to Casa Grande. Be sure to add it to your “to do” list when you get back to town. (Next time I’ll take my camera.)

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