Monday, July 28, 2008

New Books

We received a very pleasant surprise and generous donation to our Palm Creek library today. Phyllis and Mel Heckman shipped me four huge boxes of beautiful mint condition hardback novels. I lugged them up to the library tonight so they are now proudly on display waiting for our readers to turn their pages and enjoy some leisure reading hours. All you Nora Roberts and Nickolas Sparks fans can scurry up to the library for some great reading!! That was an awesome donation, Phyllis. Thank you very much from all of us bookworms at PC.

Our weather remains the same day after day, week after week this summer. HOT and sunny. We still haven’t had a good old monsoon worth mentioning and we’re getting desperate for rain.

The Fry’s Marketplace is quite awesome! I could never do regular grocery shopping there though because there’s too much to look at and I’d be way too distracted. I haven’t been up at that end of town in quite a while and was amazed at all the new construction. We may be in a housing recession, but retail stores are springing up all over the place. I’ll also mention how much we ALL appreciate having the Harkins Theatre in town. We’ve seen more shows this summer than we have in the last two years. Fun entertainment.

No other big news to report right now. Hope you’re enjoying your summer.

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