Saturday, June 09, 2007


The month of June has been very kind to us so far. The nights are still cool bringing a beautiful morning to enjoy the outdoors for breakfast and morning coffee. Don and I truly enjoy sitting on the patio and watching the line up of hummingbirds and finches as they squabble over our feeder. They’re so much fun to watch. Our cat, Hiway, certainly lacks the killer instinct as she lays on her lawn chair within six feet of the feeder with its flurry of bird activity and she never tries to interfere. She just lays and watches like kitty TV.

The pickleball and tennis folks still hit the courts each morning and again some evenings. After the morning round robin, the sun climbs higher in the sky and people seem to disappear for the heat of the day. We journey out again for happy hour in late afternoon and you can always see folks out for an evening stroll or bike ride…..or as they come and go from the pool. Average afternoon temps are around 100 to 103.

We drove out past the new mall tonight and snapped a few pictures while being amazed at how fast the building is progressing. Once the project started, it has really zoomed into high gear. There are signs on the JC Penney and Target stores that say they’re opening in October. (Be sure to click on each photo to get a close up and examine things closely. Then use your "back" button to get back to the blog.)

Today’s Casa Grande Dispatch has a photo on the front page of the big LA Fitness building that is going to be built in the empty lot directly in front of Palm Creek. I’ll quote from the article as it’s quite interesting. “A major site plan for a 24-hour LA Fitness center was approved Thursday night… The fitness center will be located west of the IHOP restaurant and Super 8 motel on Florence Boulevard in front of Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort. In January 2005 that location was announced as the site of a retail shopping center and theater, with the promise that it would be open long before the major shopping center now being built at I10. After that, the project disappeared from sight. The plan now calls for a 45,000 square foot LA Fitness building, with mezzanine, offering aerobics and cardiovascular areas, strength training, an indoor three-lane lap pool, full basketball court, five racquetball courts, a juice bar, sports training and showers and locker areas. The commission was told that the fitness center should be open by next May.”

Below are a few pictures of the new doggie park in progress. They’re putting up a nice brick wall around the area.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Sue: How high is that dog run wall. Looks awfully low. I talked to the guy before I lefted and he said it would be a high as the others??
    Going to look nice i think...


  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Hi Sue, Yes, it is from Jerry and Judy in Site 1413. Thanks you the picture and comment on the dogpark. We are enjoying your blog. We are in Alaska visiting our kids and grandkids. See you in the fall. Thanks again Judy


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