Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More about the doggie park

I received an email on the blog from “Jerry”. Is that Judy and Jerry?? Anyway…here’s your answer to the question about how high the walls will be around the new puppy park. The finished brick part of the wall is about three feet high. To finish it off, they will be installing black wrought iron railing to provide the necessary height to keep in the dogs. I assume it will look something like the railing at the top of the pool wall. The north wall is being built up because that little area will block off the dumpsters. I tried to take a couple pictures to help with my explanation. There is also a new park model at 1412 next to Jerry and Judy’s site.

The main pool was closed for a few days last week while they replaced the caulking around the edge of the tiles in the pool. It looks much better now. Char and I were the only two up at the pool tonight for quite a while. It was wonderful!!! The pool feels great after a hot day.

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