Sunday, June 03, 2007

Got 'Em

A golf cart was stolen Friday night about 6:30 from a home in the 1800 area of Oasis Drive. By 7:30 the police apprehended the culprits as they tried to escape over the south wall near the hotel. Thank you, officers, for some fast action!!! It is possible that these may be the same persons that stole the golf carts from the sales area a month or so ago. The three apprehended males were ages 17, 12, and 8. This information came from a park employee so should be reliable but I have not confirmed this yet via a legal source.

I first heard about the theft as I was driving our cart to the pool Thursday. I came across a man riding a moped and he was obviously looking for something on the golf course as he would slow down after each park model to look between the buildings. I thought perhaps he had lost a pet so asked if I could help him. He told me he was looking for a stolen golf cart and the police were on the property looking as well.

Later that evening, I started chatting with a man and woman who had just arrived at the pool and they started telling us that their golf cart was the one that had been stolen that night so we got this information directly from the source. The woman was on her patio (facing the golf course on Oasis) and through a sun screen shade saw someone ride a bike between the homes. She told her husband who had been inside. (The bike was stolen from someone’s patio earlier). A few minutes later when they got ready to go to the pool, they noticed their golf cart was missing. They immediately alerted the front gate and the guard called the police. Everyone was very impressed at the fast response from the police as three or more cars arrived almost immediately. They all started looking around the golf course for the cart knowing the cart could not get out of the north gate now that it is locked and secured. Once the culprits were spotted, they drove the cart and crashed it into the south wall near the hotel and used it to help them climb over the wall. The police apprehended them at that point.

The golf cart was quite damaged from being run into the wall. I asked the man how the kids could get the cart started. He said they evidently ram a screwdriver or something into the ignition because his key would no longer fit into the slot.

That’s all the information we have at this point. Sure am glad to hear that the kids were caught this time.

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