Friday, June 02, 2006

fSummer seems to be a tad early this year as we had a HOT one today and temps are predicted to be in the triple digits all week with near record breaking highs. Thank goodness for air conditioning! I'll gladly accept donations from anyone wishing to assist with our electric bill. :) All kidding aside, I'd still rather endure this than go back to 20 below back East.

Hot as it may be, the cactus and flowering shrubs are in their glory. I took a couple pictures today of some of the prettiest ones I came across. That new section north on Cole Circle really looks nice. These pretty flowering trees appear down there. Even the lantana in our front yard are full of blossoms.

Early mornings are still very pleasant. There were six of us at pickleball this morning and several of the guys are still out flying their remote control planes in the cool air.