Sunday, June 04, 2006


Some folks may think Larry is calm, cool, and somewhat sophisticated as he is past president of the Lawn Bowls Association and is quite well known in the Palm Creek community. Bah Humbug. Gotcha Larry.

Here's the scoop: There was a drive-by shooting at our house...and guess who was responsible! It was the sly expert sharp shooter, Larry Kraft. As Don and I were resting peacefully on our patio, Larry went speeding by on his bicycle and hit poor innocent Don with rapid fire projectiles from his homemade blow gun. the projectiles were miniature marshmallows, but none the same, it was a direct hit. And then...he drove by and got him again!

As word spreads, I foresee the future where Larry may be asked to mass produce these blowguns for sale in our "retirement" community. Some folks may want the guns for their grandchildren...but knowing the mindset of some of us "retired folks" we may want weapons of our own for self-defense.

Be sure to see Larry this fall when you return and rib him about his devious antics. Until then, we make plans for sweet revenge.

Have a GREAT day Larry. We miss you. Honest we do. And get a gold star for staying with the guy!