Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life is Slower in late June

With the daily temperatures steadily over 100 degrees, life gets a little slower here in Arizona. There's still plenty of activity in the early morning as the die-hard pickleball players start at 6:30 and there's always at least one tennis court in play. The remote control airplane guys are busy flying their planes in the still morning air, but by noon things are really quiet as we all retreat indoors to our air conditioning.

The doves don't seem to mind though. They're out in great force regardless of the temps. As plentiful as they are, they're still cute to watch as they raise their young. Some people go to great lengths to discourage doves from visiting their patio while others build nesting places for them. This picture shows is a cute platform that was built just for mama dove and she really appreciates it by the looks of her two chicks.

Our friends (George and Jan) win the award for hosting the most devoted dove mama of them all. We've watched this poor dove build her nest in the same spot for the last two years. She devotedly sits on her nest to hatch her young even in the most blistering heat. What wins her the award is that her nest is on top of a hot tin roof. I couldn't get close enough for a great photo, but at least you get the idea of what she endures. Maybe she is the source of the term "bird brain"???

BJ and Len recently resurfaced their driveway which greatly enhanced the appearance of their Palm Creek home. The color of the new surface nicely blends in with their pretty brick wall and patio. Congratulations on a very pretty home!