Sunday, May 21, 2006

We're having a rather hot spell this past week of 100-104 each day. That's about 10 degrees over normal for this time of year but we're not complaining yet.

We also had a dandy dust storm which is rushing the season. We usually only get them during the monsoon season but this one was a tad early. As usual, it came with little could just see a huge yellow cloud on the horizon. Don and I were sitting out on the patio as we watched it approach. Our patio view (when all the snowbird RVs are gone) is a straight shot to the north wall and the mountains beyond. Our first hint that the dust is headed our way is when the mountains disappear. As you can see from the photo I'm posting, visibility is quite "cloudy". Our neighbors were out of town for a few days so we had to run next door to collect their flower pots, rugs, knickknacks, and anything else they had on their patio because it was blowing down the street quite rapidly. Never a dull moment.

Construction on new park models continues at a steady pace. Three new houses are now placed on the north west end of the golf course. I think there's only one open space left down there. The add-on guys are booked through next year. These three houses alone will take them a while as each one is putting on huge additions. From the photos I'm posting, you see the three houses to the left and two more that just pulled in down to the right that are still on wheels. Lots of activity in the building trades.

Am also attaching photos of the two village home models. The big house now has its awning and shed constructed. I'm wondering if they're going to leave the overhead patio cover the way it is with those slots. Doesn't seem like it would be sufficient shade or shelter. It's not all done yet so I won't speculate.

The landscape crews are busy as ever also. I didn't get pictures fast enough, but they were up on ladders along the road as you enter the resort trimming the trees along the boulevard. Looks very nice. They're also aerating greens and reseeding some areas of the golf course.

Another construction site you'll definitely notice is the hotel being built on the corner of Henness and Florence. Don't know the name yet, but it sure looks big thus far. Will keep you posted as work progresses.

The Golden Corral is finished and open now. Haven't been there to eat yet but it should be a popular eating spot when you return.

Denise Klein is holding stained glass and glass fusion classes through the summer. I took some photos of her and one of her very enthusiastic students--Donna Kraft. Donna made some great pieces so far and has plans for more before she departs for summer travel. If you haven't toured through the stained glass room, be sure to do so. Even if you're like me....untalented and nonartistic...its still a fun place to explore and marvel over all their creations.