Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday afternoon, May 14.
Happy Mother's Day!!
104 degrees but it still cools down to the 60s or 70s at night. Another month from now and it will only cool down to the mid 90s. That huge swimming pool at the club house will see a lot of us!

Must keep up with the Jones. There seems to be a trend in getting a face lift for plain old concrete patios that have become stained and cracked. They make some beautiful coatings now so we joined the bandwagon for an upgrade. Here are some before, during, and after shots.

Installation took four consecutive days. Day 1: Etch concrete with muratic acid. Day 2: Apply adhesive and colored paint chips. Day 3: Scrape surface and apply first coat of acrylic. Day 4: Apply second coat of acrylic. Then wait two more days before you can walk on the surface plus four additional days before its safe to drive on it. Garage Floor Coatings, Inc. did a beautiful job and their customer service is outstanding.

Don and Frank Cichon had to supervise the operation from the shade in the comfort of their lawn chairs.

Here's the finished product. Floor really looks nice. Gives the house a whole new look.

The "inconvenient" part of the process is the fact that our house has but one door so the only entrance is in and out the kitchen window. It brought laughter to friends though....after all, how often do you get to do that.

The fun part is watching our friends climb through the kitchen window to enjoy happy hour indoors. Donna Kraft in action.

Frank & Joan Cichon at Site 1705 had their patio done as well. It really looks nice! Here's Frank enjoying his new surroundings.

- - - - - - - - -

The merry month of May holds a lot of beauty in Arizona. Hope you can see the pretty colors of the oleanders alongside the shuffleboard courts.

The drive past the shuffleboard courts down to the dumpsters is one of the prettiest in the park right now.

All the cactus plants are blooming too. The prickly pear seem to be loaded with hundreds of blossoms this season. Some are yellow, some red, some pink. This picture is from site 1078 on Cole Circle. Very pretty.

Construction and maintenance never ends. Remember that strip of blacktop down the main drag that was so broken up? The street was closed for a week while major repairs were done. Now we have a much more efficient water runoff channel down the road. Should work much nicer. Maybe it will rain sometime this summer so we can test it out.

That's all the time I have today. The clock tolls for Happy Hour so must get ready. Drop us a note and let us know where you're spending your summer.

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