Monday, May 01, 2006

Greetings to all Palm Creek Friends!

This is the first installment of my proposed Palm Creek update making it easier to keep in touch while you are away. Please leave your comments, questions, or snide remarks here in the blog to share with other readers.

May 1 has come and gone and with it came our first day of 90+ degrees. It still cools down nicely in the evening though so early morning PickleBall definitely remains on the agenda. We were down to 8 players this morning which made for some great games. Don, Terry, Orla, Jerry, John, Nancy, Judy, and I had some fun matches this morning.

The RV sites have really thinned out so I can see all the way to the back wall and the mountains from my patio. Our resort is truly like two different towns....a busy bustling community in winter and a quiet serene spot in summer. We get the best of both worlds.

Park model home construction continues with more new units arriving each week. We just happened to be nearby when they were positioning a ground set house this past week. How fascinating to watch! Sure wish I would have had a camera with me but I'll try to catch another one soon. They had dug a hole to "plant" the house and then just drove the semi trailer with house attached down into the hole. I was amazed that the tractor was able to drive out again but the driver has obviously had plenty of experience as he managed just fine. Once the house was in the hole, workers put slides under the house so they could maneuver it by hand and get it perfectly situated and leveled. Quite an impressive operation.

A bus trip is scheduled for this week to see the Diamond Backs vs the Chicago Cubs. Another bus trip is planned to tour the Olive Oil factory this month. A BBQ dinner and dance is also on the agenda so there are still a few activities to entertain us.


  1. Hi Sue, Great way to communicate to all. Glad to get the update. We ended up buying an RV lot at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville, TX and will spend most of the winter there next year but have not ruled out coming to spend a little while at Palm Creek. We really enjoyed our time there, it's just that the other property fit our needs the best for the immediate future. Our friends Wayne & Linda Eliason left mid-April and told us about the mass exodus on Apr 1. I bet after May 1 it was more desolate. We've told lots of our RV friends about the great park. Thanks for doing this blog. I will read them all. Tell your onerary husband "Hi!" from us.
    Bob & Debby Best

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  3. Hi Sue, Caroline was very envious to hear about all the pickle-ball activity. Arrived back in Illinois and currently have high temps cooler than AZ's winter daytime temps. We had a small incident on way home due to road construction in New Mexico/Texas. Blew one of new tires on front of Jeep--it goes into shop Friday $2,000 in damages. Sebastian is only one extremely pleased to be home in Illinois---he loves the grass and cooler temps. Say I enjoyed the pics on your blog but want to know if Don approves of the clock??? Thanks for the blog, good hearing from you.
    Caroline-Dave Anderson & Sebastian

  4. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I am a friend of the Waters, so I enjoy looking at the blog to see what they are up to. (And they seem to be in ALL the party pics!!)
    Thanks for doing this, it is fun for me to catch up on the news of where Jan and George are!
    Lynn Sowers


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