Friday, July 13, 2018

Security Seminar

We gathered in the ballroom to hear a presentation from the Casa Grande Police about security in our neighborhoods and city.

Thank you to Jeanine Sumption for organizing the event.

Officer Thomas Anderson from the Casa Grande Crime Prevention Unit was our guest speaker.
He was a VERY entertaining speaker and made us laugh as he described why seniors are targets for today's criminals.  

Officer Anderson stressed over and over about how we have to take responsibility for our own protection.  Lock our houses and pay attention to our surroundings.  Know our neighbors, watch out for each other, and report suspicious activity.

Our General Manager, Kevin Flynn, was present to assure us that steps are being taken to address security concerns in our resort.  He will be meeting with Jeanine next week to discuss some options.

Watch for Jeanine's feedback through the "whatsup" app or on Nextdoor.


I want to take a moment to give credit to one of our appliance vendors.  Thank you to Jeff from Jeff's Appliances.  He has rescued us on several occasions...most recently with our dishwasher.  He is prompt, courteous, and very reasonable with his rates.  


Just turned around and found Mouse patiently waiting for me to finish my computer work so we can play.

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