Thursday, July 05, 2018

Lost Our Roof!!

WOW!!!  We are currently experiencing our first haboob of the season and it is a dandy.  One huge gust came through and ripped off our patio roof.  We haven't even found where it landed yet!

Here it comes!

Dust was pretty thick.

Bang!  Patio roof is gone.

We found some of it in our neighbor's driveway but the huge metal sheet is gone.  We drove all over and haven't found it yet.

As soon as the wind died down to a semi-reasonable speed (25 mph), Don and I jumped in the golf cart and toured over half the park searching for damage.  Looks like we were the only ones affected.  We saw plenty of tipped over potted plants but everything else appears to be fine.  There's still too much wind and dust out there to breathe safely so we'll be back out there when it's safe.

Just saw this on TV.

I was just complaining that I didn't have any exciting news to post on the blog.  Whoops.  Mother Nature must have heard me.

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