Friday, March 30, 2018

QOV and Happenings Announcement

Congratulations to "Mac" McCloskey for being the recipient of a Quilt of Valor from our devoted Quilters.  

What better way to celebrate with Mac than at the poker tables with all his friends.


This article will appear in the April Happenings newsletter.  This will be the best way to stay informed about the upcoming season, ticket sales, and events.  

Here is a link to the Palm Creek website where newsletters appear.  Mark it in your favorites!!

Every Wednesday morning, all season long, there is a dedicated group of volunteers who teach beginners the fundamentals of Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker.  They've had many students this past season and celebrate their classes by holding a free tournament.

Here's a photo of the instructors and the winners of that tournament.  Congratulations!

1st place:  Betty Wold
2nd Place Glenda Wohldmann

Speaking of tournament winners:  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our Mahjong players that attended a tournament at Mission Royale last week.  We had a GREAT time and quite a few of us were in the cash!  Our group plans to conduct several tournaments ourselves next season.

By the way....there is no "end of season" for Mahjong.  We will continue to play ALL summer long!

Springtime is upon us.  We see prickly pear cactus and yucca plants starting to bloom.
This plant at site 1723 looks really nice.

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