Sunday, March 04, 2018

Hot Air Balloon Rides & QOV

John Ross wants to send a BIG thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the balloon glow.

My sincere thanks to the incredibly generous folks in our park that participated in our Cancer Awareness Center Balloon Glow earlier this month.  Thanks to their participation, we tethered 68 people that Friday night and flew four the next day.  More than $2000 was generated by these folks.

I also wanted to correct a misperception about my ballooning here at Palm Creek. I fully intend to continue the seven year tradition of bringing in my friends to create the balloon glow to kick off our weekend.  I am just closing down my ride business this summer but will continue to fly family and friends.  We hope to continue to be winter residents of Palm Creek for years to come.

Finally, a huge thanks to all of the residents who volunteered to help crew the balloons.  Without you, it does not happen.


Elana and Jack Riggins with Maureen Edwards being presented with a Quilt of Valor.  Jack served his country from 1955-1961. He was a medic in the Navy and was stationed in Virginia; tank driver in the Army stationed in Washington; and a medic in the Marine Corps stationed in Virginia.

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  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Cool, I don't think I've ever heard of that Service, I salute you Jack Riggins


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