Thursday, February 01, 2018

Drone Videos

The big blue harvest moon came up over the horizon.  Big and beautiful.

We sent the drone up over the north 40 to check on progress.  Many BIG trucks out there these days as they install curbs and pave the roads.  Even started landscaping along the walking trail.

Don was the guest speaker at our computer club on Wednesday.  Folks were anxious to learn more about flying a drone so Don was happy to explain how he got started and what the machine is capable of doing.

He even demonstrated by flying around the room.

Later we stopped at the kitchen for the Wednesday lunch.

Dolores and Larry were there to entertain us while we dined.

DELICIOUS sliders and curly fries!!!

It was a busy day and I noticed that every one of the shuffle board courts was busy and occupied.

Even these eager beavers were up in the early morn to get their trucks washed.


Of course Don had to practice his presentation at home before heading to the computer club.  Kat and Mouse weren't exactly thrilled.

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