Monday, April 07, 2014

April Already!

Where did the season go??? 

I have a couple things to share today and if this internet connection will allow me to post, I'll give it a try.  Sure hope Dish is working on a solution for the SLOW speeds and intermittent disconnects.  Very frustrating for us heavy users.

Paul and Rose Neuman sent me these fantastic photos about the Washington mudslides.  The site just requires you to hover or slide across the photo for the "before and after" shots.  Hope this link works for you.

I've also received several emails with photos from friends who are returning to their frozen homes.  This first one is Lyndsay Beck at home in sunny Nova Scotia.
This photo is from Lucie Bourque from Quebec.  At least her driveway is clear!  She's not complaining too much though because she says the skiing is great.
Mark and Cindy Nelson at Site 1324 have to leave before their cactus plants explode into blossom.  It looks like they may all open at the same time so should make a fantastic display.  Watch for them in the next day or two at the corner of Sandy Desert (west wall) and Mountain Mirage.  I may see you there with camera in hand.  Also.....this same type of cactus is about to bloom again over on Coyote Trail. 
You may have seen this photo of a table top I took at the spring Woodworking Show.
Dave was gracious enough to call me and offered to show the OTHER table tops he has made from that same gigantic tree.  The Forest Service gave Dave access to the tree.  He salvaged this part of the trunk and the rest of the tree was burned in a forest fire.  Dave imprinted a time table into the table showing its origin in 1550 where it first grew between Boise and Sun Valley in Idaho.
These other pieces are from a tree with a double trunk.  Looks like two grew together.  With such an unusual shape, Dave went to a friend Arden Greipp who is a well-known artist here in Palm Creek.  Arden painted pictures of Dave's son working on his ranch.  What awesome gifts!
Joyce was an integral part of the table process as she had to help with the finishing layers of preservative.
The season is definitely drawing to a close.  Many folks have hit the road headed to their other homes and others are SLOWLY taking their time waiting for the snow to melt before they hurry off.
The Alfa Rally is in full swing this week so our rangers and staff have been VERY busy getting them settled.  I have a whole line of Alfa rigs right across the street and so far they're all very pleased with our resort and the accommodations.  There are going to be 120 rigs here for the event.
Now that the hustle and bustle of season is ebbing, I should get back to the keyboard more often so stay tuned for more frequent postings.

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