Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here come the desert flowers

Spring time is in the air.  The snowbirds are starting to pack up for their migration to the north and the cactus flowers are starting to bloom.  Our weather has been FANTASTIC all winter and today was another perfect example.  I went for a nice long bike right this morning and stopped to admire the flowers along the way.  This might be a boring post to some, but I certainly enjoyed the ride.

The first point of interest was this cluster I found at Site 1331.  I never saw a succulent plant like this before.  I'll have to stop back later to catch someone at home so I can get more info about it.

LOL....check out this cute planter. 
These are some awesome blossoms for such a small plant. 
This cactus is really showing itself off!  So many pretty blossoms. 
As I drove down Oasis, I couldn't help but notice a couple houses in a row that had these gorgeous baskets of hanging flowers on their palm trees.  It really looks nice!
Look at these flowers!
The cactus flowers are amazing.  I just stare into the big blossoms and admire the soft colors.  Such huge blossoms for such a small plant.
Even the white ones have soft tints of green and yellow.
The common bottle brush plants are in bloom now too.  The finches sure love the taste of their sweet nectar.
ohhhhhh....this yellow one is a beauty!
No pictures of people today but there were lots of folks out enjoying the sunshine.  I especially liked seeing so many neighbors out just gathering in small groups to chat and say hello.
Thank you to one and all of you who plant flowers while you are here.  All the potted plants, hanging baskets, and small garden lots really add to the beauty of our resort.
Remember to "take time and smell the roses".

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